ILSI Crop Composition Database

Data Acceptance Criteria

Updated January 2, 2019

To ensure that data accepted into the ILSI Crop Composition Database are of high quality, certain criteria must be met. Representative plant samples must be obtained from field-grown crops in which the production locations and dates are known. Sample collection must be done in a way that maintains the integrity of the sample throughout the analytical process, and analytical methods used in the generation of the data must be validated and in the published literature. Please use the checklist below to indicate that your data adhere to the criteria regarding production, sample collection, sample analysis, data, auditing, and archiving and submission of data.

Production of Samples Criteria:

The following information must be known about the field trials in which the samples were produced:

Sample Collection Criteria:

Sample Analysis Criteria:

Data Criteria:

Auditing and Archiving of the Data:

Submission of Data:

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